Full body smile

My wife has a description of what we call my neice’s “full body smile”, and she’s right. It’s something that far too many adults don’t know how to do anymore. We’ve really lost the ability to simply feel the unbridled joy of a particular moment. We tend to think of people who do it as childish, or immature, or maybe even just plain ignorant. Maybe they’re a lot smarter than we think. Maybe we’re just too concerned with every day stress to really enjoy life. That’s a shame.

I hope my neice never grows out of her full body smiling, because it’s beautiful.

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  1. Ditto to Leahs comment – hope so too.

    Although for some, its not that we have forgotten how to – its more that we haven’t found any reason too. LIFE has a tendency to make us feel that way sometimes – don’t you think?

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