Quick Thought #12 – Just Stop Judging, Period.

At the beginning of this Coronavirus lock down, or quarantine, or whatever you want to call it, people were, rightfully, put in their place for suggesting that if you didn’t learn a new skill, or start a new business that you were just wasting this opportunity where you had plenty of time. That was wrong of anyone to suggest, because so many people were just trying to get through each day, why add that pressure on them? Sure, for some it might be a great chance to have some extra time, for others they are dealing with sick family members, trying to deal with their kids being home all the time, keeping their family safe and healthy.

Simply put, you don’t know what any other person is dealing with. So instead of shaming them for not doing what you think they should, maybe try helping them and finding out what they need.

Now that we’re been at this for over a month, we seem to have gone the opposite route, shaming people for “Quarantine Bragging”.

A new label has surfaced in the past few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic: “quarantine bragging”. When people display their pride in accomplishments or hobbies on social media while sheltering in place, some of us are tempted to label these posts or images as the social media equivalent of “bragging” and, by default, the individual as a braggart. The label implies that the individual is disingenuous and motivated by harmful perfectionism. However, the most unhealthy aspect of the “quarantine bragging” label may be the heavy-handed judgment behind it.

The article goes on to talk about how constantly looking at people in order to judge them is actually really unhelpful to everyone, but I want to break it down in even simpler terms.

Just don’t judge people. Period. End of story.

Look, we are all dealing with a lot right now. Some are dealing with more than others, but it’s highly unlikely that you, sitting over in your home, know the complete story of what anyone else is going through, and dealing with every day, over in their home. If you are able to learn a new skill or get better at a hobby during this time, good for you. You’re right to feel proud of that, and anyone who wants to judge you for it, is wrong. If you barely made it through the week struggling with kids who don’t understand why they can’t see their friends, throwing fits over it, a boss who still expects you to work all day without any interruptions, and the constant fear of what happens if you get sick? You can damn sure feel proud of getting through the week too, and anyone who wants to judge you, is also wrong.

With all of the uncertainty surrounding us every singe day right now, if you manage to just stick through it and fight through each day, I’m proud of you.

And, if one day you create something amazing, write a chapter of that novel you’ve been working on, create a stunning video, teach yourself Mandarin, and then the next day barely get out of bed? Yeah, welcome to the real world. Personally, I’ve done both. I was able to achieve getting a certification in the industry I work in, and I’m working on another. I’m able to do some other cool things through this site and social media outlets, and I have days where my head hurts and I barely make it through work before crashing for 12-13 hours.

So, no matter what you’re doing, or not doing, during this time, just getting through it is an accomplishment. There’s no reason to judge how anyone else gets through it. Just get through it, and do what you can to help others get through it.

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