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My wife yesterday decided to be generous and get me a gift certificate for a massage, in the hopes that maybe trying something like that would help me with the headaches I have to deal with from time to time. … Read MoreRead More


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My apologies. I inadvertantly forgot to turn on the “require regsitration” feature of the forums when I moved everything and a couple of folks left comments without registering. Oops! The comments were perfectly legit so I left them there and … Read MoreRead More


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It looks like everything got moved over to the new server and everything seems to running fine on the back end, if you notice a problem, please let me know! In other news. The comments left by CKD on that … Read MoreRead More

Moving again

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This site’s host is moving servers again, so we may be going away for a bit while all the DNS gets updated and I get things installed and running properly at the new home. I got everything saved this time … Read MoreRead More


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Isn’t it weird how much a bad dream can leave you feeling completely out of it when you wake up? I had a dream last night/this morning about having a panic attack. I don’t normally suffer from panic attacks but … Read MoreRead More

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