Moving again

This site’s host is moving servers again, so we may be going away for a bit while all the DNS gets updated and I get things installed and running properly at the new home. I got everything saved this time though, but I’m leaving this note as a temporary head’s up until things are back to normal!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. CKD, because I use my real name on the site, I don’t really explain exactly what happened and who did it. I don’t want the people in my family who don’t know what happened to be able to identify the people involved. I’d rather have them talk to me to discover the details, so I don’t post them in public. If you want some more of the details, feel free to email me, webmaster, as this domain.

  2. Hey,
    I was reading your website and i think it is a really good idea that you have set it up. I was just lookin for information on child abuse as i am about to take my finals in drama, and mycharacter is based on a paedophile, and i came across this website.
    I was just wondering what actually happened? as it does not state what happened. I’m not trying to be unkind or anything ? and are you friends or known with your abuser today?
    Hope u can give me answer
    Many thaks
    CKD, London UK

  3. Hey Mike
    I’m sorry thatu can’t nae who it is. I am sorry if i have offended u in anyway at all. SO i am sorry. i know it sounds really insensitive but if possible with you before going ahead and using it thought i would ask you if it was ok with you. i was wondering if i was allowed to use one of your stories as one of my groups stimuluses, as we were going to use ur story as an example of how u can make something god of what has happened. i thought i woud ask u as it is your story, and it would morally be right. You would not be mention it was just one of your quotes/postings that you have done. If you say no i will completely understand that it is ur own thoughts and u want to keep ur thoughts to ur self
    many thx

  4. No, I’m not offended at all, I honestly just don’t talk about details because this isn’t the place I want people in my life to learn the details. Does that make sense? As far as using any of my writing, go right ahead! They’re public. 🙂

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