It looks like everything got moved over to the new server and everything seems to running fine on the back end, if you notice a problem, please let me know!

In other news. The comments left by CKD on that last post bring up an interesting thing about this site. Mainly, the fact that while I have no problem identifying myself, using my real name, linking to my real wife, etc., I don’t have any place where I list out the details of what happened to me as a child.

There are a couple of reasons for this, first, I don’t feel like the details are that important, and I don’t really remember a great many details to begin with! (Thanks to a nice case of dissociation the memories of being abused are there, but the details of what exactly happened, moment by moment, are lost.) Secondly, and most importantly, I don’t talk about the details that I do know, things like who abused me, what they did as opposed to what some others did, etc. because this isn’t the place I want people to find out about those. The people in my life, friends, relatives, future friends I’ve not even met yet, deserve to be able to sit down and ask me about what happened and hear it from me, not read it from a website. So I won’t be putting them up for public consumption, but I am always availalbe to discuss via private emails. 🙂

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