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I’m posting this just so you all know I’m still here and things are still working. 🙂

We spent the last few days in Louisiana, a state which I am now determined just doesn’t like me, visiting with Angela’s grandfather. As any trip with your in-laws would be (or any trip with anyone is for me!), it had it’s up and downs, but I’m glad we went. It was nice to meet Angela’s grandfather and uncle and see where they live and the place that holds a lot of memories for her. It was warm for a few days, (It was like 11 degrees Fahrenheit this morning after we arrived home last night and I felt it!!!) and there were some fun times in there. Of course, there were the times where we were all getting on each others nerves, as any family visit can be, but I get along with my in-laws pretty well, so it was tolerable. (I don’t ever, ever wat to travel somewhere with my family. Someone might have to die by the end of three days..*L*)

By the way, the reason I say it just doesn’t like me is that the last time I was in the state, I got sick and spent 9 days in the hospital with a virus. This time, brushing across one lousy stalk of a weed left the entire left side of body covered in stickers, and the tiger in the zoo even growled at me and got up on his hind legs to shoo me away from him! *L*

While we were gone I got an email back to an email I sent out to a guy I grew up with back in Brooklyn, NY. It was a blast hearing from him, and I’m looking forward to corresponding with him but I had a rather strange thought today as I was thinking about what to write back. I thought about pointing him to my two websites, to show him what I like to do in my spare time, and it occurs to me that he knew me when I was actively being abused. Somehow telling him seems a bit different then talking about it to other people. Maybe it’s just me…

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  1. In-laws can be a different group to be around, even only for 3 days. We live with mine…thank goodness they winter in Arizona from October until June. By then I am REALLY needing the break.

    As for your thoughts on telling your childhood chum about your abuse…I don’t know that I would just direct him to it and let him find it out on his own – it may make him feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you should tell him what it is about and leave it up to him to venture in if he feels comfortable doing so.

    My site is an anonymous site because my family feels uncomfortable with what happened to me, especially my husband. It isn’t that he doesn’t accept it and support me – he just gets angry because there was nothing he could have done to protect me from that type of pain and he doesn’t know how to deal with that.

    Just a bit of something to think on.

    Glad all is well and you survived the trip!

  2. I hadn’t planned on doing anything more than giving him the address and letting him read what he wants or doesn’t want, whatever the case may be, but for some reason the idea of someone I grew up with reading it made me feel weird for a minute. On the other hand, I purposely put this site here so people wouldn’t have to feel alone in dealing with childhood abuse, and part of that is making it open to anyone to read and have something to say. That has always been my choice and it’s a choice I’m sticking to now! 🙂

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