Leah asks a good question in the comments for that last post: Why is it so hard for us (survivors) to compliment ourselves, feel good about our work and the like?! – I too have experienced this and it is frustrating. I think a large part of the answer has to do with comfort levels….

That’s work..

I’ve been reading a book about networking as part of my attempt to find a new job. Last night I was trying to work on a few of the exercises concerning professional goals, values, etc. One of the exercises was to list 5 accomplishmnets that I am proud of. Ha! Little do they know me,…


I’ve been meaning to blog this since we saw The Village a couple of weeks ago, but I keep forgetting! So here it goes. There’s a scene in the movie where Ivy asks Lucius why he isn’t afraid like everyone else in the village. I thought his answer was one of the better definitions of…

Lovely weekend

Yes it was a lovely, and exhausting, weekend! 🙂 First off was my appointment with my massage therapist Friday evening. Now, since I work with computers, and spend a lot of my free time working with computers, I have certain issues with my neck and shoulders that have, on occasion, led to problems with migraines….