Flood of memories reading the news

Former Mets broadcaster Murphy passes away.

Wow, reading this brought back a lot of memories. I grew up in NY, and even though I was a Dodger fan, I held a little place in my heart for the hometown Mets, and Lord knows we watched a ton of baseball games back in those days! It was pre-ESPN, pre-cable for my family, in fact. Bob, Ralph and Lindsey called just about every game on WOR, channel 9. I first learned how to keep score of a ballgame watching those broadcasts, and even though the Mets were terrible in those mid-to-late 70’s seasons, they had a certain charm that kept us coming back. Hearing Bob give the “happy recap” when they did actually win, and tell us all about the heroics of Lee Mazzilli, Pat Zachary, John Stearns, Doug Flynn, Joel Youngblood, Bob Swan, Jerry Koosman, etc. meant something in those days. I’m sorry to hear of his passing, it’s yet another sign that those days of being a kid keep getting further and further in the past.

Then again, maybe I should be glad that I do have some fond memories of childhood. A lot of folks don’t even have that…

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  1. I loved what you said about memories, and being grateful for the good ones. I have been trying to keep track of the good ones I do have, making a list and writing them down seems to make them more real.

    Thanks for your thoughts here.

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