Online TV show looking for Survivors willing to tell their story

Got this email today and wanted to pass it along, if you’re interested go ahead and contact Christina at ctorres at

My name is Christina and I?m a producer with the HealthyPlace TV Show, an online mental
health tv show that airs live over the website.

Our next Tuesday night show (June 16) is on adult survivors of sexual child abuse and its
impact later in life.  I?m writing to ask if you would consider providing any contact
information for potential guests for the show. As you know, sharing your personal story
so that others may learn from it helps others know they are not alone in their own

The show airs at 7:30p central, 8:30 eastern.  All that is required is a webcam attached
to a computer.  The interview would run about 15-20 minutes.

Please send me any contact information along with a good day / time for me to call and
I’ll be touch.

Thank you,

Christina Torres
Producer, HealthyPlace TV Show – America ‘s Mental Health Channel
“When you’re at, you’re never alone.”

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