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This one was sent to me in an email from a loyal reader of the site.

Boy Grows Up

This is the second book by Richard McCann, who’s story is a little more unique as the son of one victim of England’s most notorious serial killers of the 1970s and he’s only two years older than I am, so on the extreme discipline to physical aspect of his story, I can relate.

The predecessor, Just a Boy, was one of the first physical survival memoirs I took out of the library.

I was more interested in this second book which details his meeting of his wife and his efforts to trace other now-grown-up of other victims of the same killer – as well as his Yorkshire-born ingrained toughness and determination to get on with his life. My only regret is having to watch the pennies and getting the paperback, which now has a fold down the spine, but it’s one of these books with so many chapter stops that you can dip into the parts you wish to re-read very quickly. I will make the hardback a gift to myself I liked it that much.

I can definitely see where a toughness and determination to “get on with live” would be rather inspiring to read. For many survivors, it’s that toughness to get on with life that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for. We tend to focus on our struggles, and forget just how tough we had to be to have survived thus far in the first place.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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    just wanted to send a note of thanks for speaking your truth and doing what you do. it is most helpful. thank you.

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