Lovely weekend

Yes it was a lovely, and exhausting, weekend! 🙂

First off was my appointment with my massage therapist Friday evening. Now, since I work with computers, and spend a lot of my free time working with computers, I have certain issues with my neck and shoulders that have, on occasion, led to problems with migraines. Going to see Amiee once every couple of months seems to really help with that, but it comes at a cost. It hurts. It makes me sore. Sore in that good “Oh this is moving the tension out of my neck/shoulders” way, but sore none the less.

Saturday, with Angela off at her parents, I took advantage of the free time to spend the day/evening at the Dublin Irish Festival. I love Celtic-Rock music and stayed until 11ish taking in bands like Gaelic Storm, the Prodigals and the Saw Doctors. A good time, most definitely! I identify strongly with my Irish heritage, as most of you know. I think a big part of it is how much fun the Irish have. Seriously, listen to some traditional Irish music sometime. The stories are tragic, and they’re all fighting mad about being oppressed but darn if they aren’t having a good time while singing! When I stop to think about all the things that were taken from my, between the abusive childhood, and the years of manic depression, and all the things that trouble me still, I can’t help but think that maybe they’re on to something there. I mean, no matter what life brings you, no matter how much other people try and hurt you, or things aren’t working out, you gotta enjoy yourself and have a good time. 🙂

After finally making it home and to bed around 1AM, I was on the road at 8AM Sunday to meet up with Angela an her folks in Cincinnati. Another day of tooling around the aquarium and downtown Cincy, and then another 1:45 trip back home, and I pretty much just collapsed into bed last night, dreading well the early rise for work this morning.

But like I said earlier, even though my work’s not everything I’d like it to be, and things here over the last few years have really made me unhappy, I can’t let it keep me from enjoying the rest of my life!

Now if I could just manage to fit in a little extra sleep and some rest for my weary, sore legs before Angela gets back Weds., that’ll be grand!

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