Eating Disorders Awareness Week and Abuse Survivors

poster_material_bannerI’m going to be honest. I didn’t pay much attention to this being Eating Disorder Awareness Week until today. I know, at least in theory, that many survivors also deal with eating disorders, even though I haven’t been one of them. I even knew what the statistics say about the number of people who are, or have, dealt with eating disorders.

But, I didn’t write about it because it hadn’t impacted me, and I really hadn’t talked to anyone about the connection between child abuse and eating disorders. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, I didn’t follow my own admonition. I wrote, a long time ago, that Yes You Do Know Someone With Mental Health Issues. In that post I talk about how the statistics make it plain as day that we all know people who are dealing with mental health issues, but who haven’t opened up to us. Well, I looked around and didn’t see anyone I knew dealing with an eating disorder, so mentioning this awareness campaign just didn’t get on my radar.

Until today.

A friend opened up about her past struggles with an eating disorder on Facebook, and suddenly I was reminded on my own post. Yes, I do know someone who is dealing with an eating disorder. I stand corrected. I also realize that she may only be one of many people I know who have been touched, directly, or indirectly, by this disorder.

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So, I’m encouraging anyone who may be dealing with this now, to take a few minutes this week, and seek out some information, and help, if needed. Don’t suffer in silence. I may not know much about eating disorders, but I know plenty about suffering in silence with a mental health issue, and I know that no one should have to do that.


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