Regaining Focus

I’ve discovered, in the process of trying to get regular exercise, that a good workout can really help get myself mentally focused as much as it benefits me physically. Tonight was a fine example. I had a pretty cruddy work day. Came home angry with myself for not being extra cautious and creating a problem that I was going to have to spend a lot of time fixing, and feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the number of things I wanted to try and get done tonight, emails that needed replied to, blog posts needing to be made, little tech projects that need to get done, etc. I even considered for a minute blowing off working out tonight, but with our weather being the way it’s been lately, we hadn’t been in a week, so I knew the last thing I needed to do was find another excuse not to go.

So we went, I got a vigorous workout, came home, grabbed a quick shower and sat down at the laptop to starting banging on my to-do list. Only now I was in a much better frame of mind, and getting those things off my list was a little easier because I had a better focus on the tasks at hand, and not so much on beating myself up.

I still have a bit of a mess to clean up at work, but it’s my mess, and it will get done and be fine by the end of the day tomorrow. A good workout helped put that in perspective.


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