Special occasions

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Curt Rosengren posted today about making everyday a special occasion. He offered up this story by Ann Wells of the LA Times. It’s an attitude that, as hard as it is some days, is important to live by. None of … Read MoreRead More

Focus on happiness

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Someone left a comment the other day in which they talked about anger, and the struggle to live with the anger over what had happened to them. My response was something along the lines that, for me, the anger will … Read MoreRead More

Putzing around

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Sorry, for those of you who have a TypeKey account, I didn’t add the code to actually allow you to sign in using your Typekey registration and leave comments. Ooops. Hopefully it’s working now! OK, so it isn’t working. The … Read MoreRead More


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I upgraded the Movable Type installation to 3.11 this evening. Assuming that this posts, everything seems to be working properly. The impetus for moving was comment spam, unfortunately. I came back from our last vacation with a dozen or so … Read MoreRead More

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