I upgraded the Movable Type installation to 3.11 this evening. Assuming that this posts, everything seems to be working properly. The impetus for moving was comment spam, unfortunately. I came back from our last vacation with a dozen or so comments that had been posted to the site. Normally, spam comments are gone just about as quick as they appear, but since I was unconnected from the Net these stayed much longer than I would like.

In regards to comments, I’m really kind of caught between a rock and a hard place with this site. I want anyone dealing with child abuse to be able to leave comments, and be heard on this site in whatever fashion they like. If they want anonymity, I want to be able to provide that. On the other hand, I want to protect the people reading and contributing to this site from having to look at offensive comments. Upgrading to 3.11 and the latest version of MT-Blacklist gives me quite a bit more flexibility than I’ve had previously. As with anything though, this will be a trial and error, but I think I’ve got a pretty good start on finding a nice middle ground.

Basically, if you’re registered with Typekey, you can leave comments here without any problems. If you’re not there are a few limitations, but you are still able to post comments and take part. Depending on how things work out, those limitations will change, but basically they’ll only come into play if you’re leaving a comment on an older post, or trying to link to a URL that’s been blacklisted.

Let me know if you have any difficulties with the site!

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  1. Mike,

    I have been in talk therapy for almost five years. It’s been a journey of self in the world of me. I suffered from child abuse too. I am the oldest of five children. I saw and experienced some terrible and horrible things as a child. Growing up in that household took courage because I did not have the tools to nor the real maturity to handle the situation I was dealt. Child services were even out to find out more about the abuse but were fooled by my parents. I am 35 years old, now. The most difficult thing about child abuse, is that it robs the adult child of emotional development. I have struggled with expressing my emotions. Finally, through the years I have uncovered within myself the real mental and physical pain, denial of the past, resentment, sorrow, guilt, rage, loss of self esteem, anger, punishment, and levels of forgiveness. Every emotion I felt during this journey was like feeling it for the first time, it was overwhelming…I have felt panic attacks, heart arythmia’s, terror, rage of a caged beast, sorrow with tears of fear, and void of self worth enough to contemplate suicide. God gave me two powerful gifts for this life, “Drive” and a part of him living in me. I have read some terrific books, maintained the courage to open my mind to my therapist, sought out who I really want to be, and did a ton of writing through this emotional development. I even confronted my father and mother about the abuse. That took courage. I am writing to you because, I saw some articles about your anger. Mine is ever persistent. I have done the acting out with transferring the emotion to hitting the heavy bag or pillow. What I really want to find is a way to disperse the contact tension, the nag of anger out of my system. It’s a real parasite.

  2. Anger is difficult. For me, and I can only speak for me, it’s still there, and probably always will be to one degree or another. But the degrees have lessened as I’ve learned to live my own life and find my own enjoyment/contentment. Nothing beats back the anger inside like being content with things in your life now. Give it time, you’ll get there…

    Thanks for stopping by!

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