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Thanks to the owner stopping by and leaving a comment, I’ve found another survivor blog, Long Lonely Walk, to add to the list of brave survivors willing to share their stories and journey. Tags: Survivors… Read More

The best laid plans…

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Last week was a definite reminder that plans can change. What I had thought would be a relatively quiet weekend of catching up with errands and a few tech projects, turned into a trip to Louisiana for my wife’s grandfather’s … Read MoreRead More


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I’ve implemented the new MT-NoFollow plugin to try and do my part to help in the fight against comment spam. If somethings broken, drop me a line and let me know. Just don’t expect a quick response, there’s been a … Read MoreRead More


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I know I said things were getting back to normal and I’d have more to say, and then I let 5 days go by without saying anything. Shame on me. One of the things I have been thinking about, relative … Read MoreRead More

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