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I’m still in the process of cleaning up little things that I noticed are broken with the new hosting for both sites, so I haven’t had anything really insightful to say here, but I’m getting pretty close to having everything the way I want it to be. After that, I really want to dig into thinking about ways to spruse this place up a bit. With my new hosting plan I have a lot more flexibility in terms of being able to really do some different things with all of my sites that I hadn’t really been able to do before. I’ve got some ideas, but I’d like to hear what you think. Given that this site’s name is, I want it to be a place for all survivors, not necessarily just for me and my thoughts. What would you like to see added to give it more of a community site feel? Would you like to see other survivors blogging on this site? A new forum-type system, a news articles RSS feed? A little chat room? Something I haven’t even thought of yet? Let me know.

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