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I haven’t decided if this is a sign of just being an introvert, or just a sign that I still have so far to go when it comes to interacting with people. I mean, I know being an introvert means … Read MoreRead More

Regaining Focus

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I’ve discovered, in the process of trying to get regular exercise, that a good workout can really help get myself mentally focused as much as it benefits me physically. Tonight was a fine example. I had a pretty cruddy work … Read MoreRead More

Accepting Love

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Annaleigh is hosting this month’s Carnival Against Child Abuse, and since this is the month with Valentine’s Day, she added the topic of Love to the list of topics for the Carnival. One of the things that takes awhile to … Read MoreRead More

Starting therapy

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Got an email today from a reader, who’s just getting ready to start therapy again to deal with an abusive childhood. He asked if I had any hints for a “newbie”. My advice was simple, nothing really that deep, just … Read MoreRead More

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