One Whole Year

Yes it’s been a full year since Marj started the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, and from the look of this month’s carnival, hosting over on her blog, this may be the best one yet! She’s got 30 posts linked in this edition, so there’s plenty to read, and talk about. Please, take a look, and visit all the contributors.

While you’re there, be sure to thank Marj for starting the carnival, and for all the work she puts in as well!

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  1. Hi —

    I wrote to you almost a year ago to tell you and your readers about my debut novel that raises funds to prevent child abuse. I’m a therapist in a children’s mental health program in West Virginia and work with both male and female surviors. Here’s the latest review of my novel:

    “Give yourself a treat with something different next time you’re ready to read. Try Rarity from the Hollow. It is one of the most unusual novels I’ve read in a great while. Look in on a dysfunctional family, poverty, child abuse, and the thought processes of a young girl turning the corner from childhood to adolescence, then put them all together in a surreal setting that looks at our society from a distinctly different viewpoint. You’ll enjoy the ride with Lacy Dawn and friends and family, but don’t expect the ride to be without bumps and enough food for thought to last you a long time.”

    Darrell Bain — 2005 Fictionwise eBook Author of the Year
    Double Eppie Award winner 2007
    May 8, 2007

    Fatcat Press — http://www.fatcatpress.com

    Two other book reviews —


    Author website under construction —


    Awarded one of the best 15 releases in 2006 in Howard-Johnson’s “Back to Literature” column:


    Expression of interest and upcoming review:


    Thank you for your consideration.

    Robert Eggleton

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