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I got an email yesterday asking for advice on finding people to talk to about being a survivor, and within the email the person expressed a desire to share their own writings and poetry. Naturally, I couldn’t help but suggest starting a blog.

Not only does starting your own give you a place to share those writings and ideas, but as your participate in writing your blog, linking to other survivors blogs, commenting on other sites, and just generally being part of the survivor’s blog community, informal as it is, you’ll find lots of people to connect with, and lots of thoughts and ideas that can be very helpful in your own healing.

By the way, that person did start a BlogSpot blog, which is a really easy place to start a simple blog for those of you who know little about all this HTML stuff. Go check it out and say hello!

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  1. Great advice, Mike!

    Another thing you can do with a blog is play memes! I’ve created one called the “survivor needs” meme. And I’m tagging you. Please come play with us.

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