Internet not as dangerous as you think it is…

Now, I’ve never been one to say you shouldn’t worry a little about what kids are doing online, just as you shouldn’t worry a little and be careful about what they’re doing anywhere they are. I’ve also never been one to buy the hype about how the internet is just full over predators and nothing else for kids.

Turns out, maybe there’s something to the fact that the internet is not any more dangerous that any other gathering place for kids. I’m not the only one saying that the fear is largely unfounded.

Again, like I said, you want to be involved with what your kids are doing, but just because there was a big story on the news about Myspace or some other internet site, it probably isn’t really any more dangerous than anywhere else your kids go.

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  1. This is interesting. As an early internet adopter, I’ve found more support than abuse online. That’s not to say that there aren’t dangers out there, but really, there are good people out there too.

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