Complex legal issue

Over in the forums, someone has posted a rather complex legal issue. I wanted to point it out here so that those of you who maybe have some more experience working with children’s services and the legal system could take a look and see if there was some words of advice or encouragement to offer.

Or if you just wanted to post something more than what I could! Thanks!

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  1. The situation Leah described in the forum was horrible for two reasons: first, because of the abuse, and second, because of the actions (or inactions) of Children’s Services.

    These types of situations have another, less-heralded consequence as well – the automatic presumption of guilt whenever someone’s accused. And the tactics used to get a small child to claim abuse aren’t always caring and gentle. Recently, an under-qualified, inexperienced social worker who was interviewing my six year-old about something that happened with my older son (yes, he did molest her, and he’s in a residential treatment program now), asked a series of leading questions, and repeated them over and over until my daughter told her what she wanted to hear, and said I’d touched her inappropriately.

    I went through a nightmare investigation, and so did my wife and children. I was proven innocent, but the damage to my life has been done. The guilty should be punished, but the innocent shouldn’t be destroyed along the way.

    Thanks for reading!

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