How to talk to kids

This actually came in as a comment on a previous post. When I read it to decide whether to approve it or not, I thought that it wasn’t really related to that post, but it certainly was related to the blog overall, so instead of keeping it with that post, I’m posting it here.

If you’re interested in taking a look, and providing some feedback, please do!

I am not an abuse survivor myself, but I have created an online role-playing course which you may find interesting. It helps school teachers rehearse talking to a child whom they suspect of being abused.

As many abuse books attest, it’s not easy to handle a conversation like this. Abused children are scared to talk, for good reason. Yet teachers are legally required to report “reasonable suspicion” of signs of child abuse. I’d be interested in feedback on this course. Anyone can go through the free trial (120+ pages of interactive dialogue) at Help us make it better. Let us know if this course is helpful. Thank you!

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