New Home for the Survivors Network

I imported all the user data from the Ning network into the new home Friday and Saturday and wanted to give it a day to settle in and see if there were any problems before I made any formal announcements, but after fixing one small item this afternoon I think we’re ready.

The new home for the Survivors Network is here:

If you were a member of the Ning network, chances are you already have an account so go check you email for your username and password. (A handful off acounts did not import properly so there is a small chance you didn’t get one, but I couldn’t go through all 489 members to figure out who didn’t get imported! If you weren’t a member, or dropped your membership from there, you can register for a new account.

Things are a little bit different over there, so be sure to read the welcome message on the front page. It will help explain some things.

I look forward to developing the same sense of community on the new site that we’ve had on the Ning network, so please get involved and spread the word!

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  1. It’s interesting to read through the comments on that CNET story. We’re lucky in that the creation of our Ning was by and for survivors, but I know at least one other British Ning network that might close down because of this – 200 bucks is a lot to find in the current climate even with partial recovery and since the Ning I’m talking about is for people who have lost money, they’re not going to want to spend any more just to keep their network up, leaving the migration to a BuddyPress forum as we’ve done, or a more bog-standard PHPbb forum depending on how much traffic they think they’ll have.

    Free on the net simply doesn’t pay unless you have an initial base income like Google and other search engines did.

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