Help for Young Adult Survivors

Recently, I was contacted by Nicolette Winn, the founder of the No Longer Silent Movement (http://www.nolomovement.com).

The first paragraph of the NoLo Movement’s mission struck a chord with me.

Giving a voice to those who previously had thought themselves voiceless, the No Longer Silenced Movement seeks to empower teenage and young adult survivors of child abuse. By working to build a national network, we hope to show them that a better way is there for them than continuing the cycle of abuse and the hardships that are fostered through it.

When I was a teenager, and through the early years of my adulthood, I was still very much under the impression that no one else was dealing with what I was dealing with. I spent, wasted really, many years without much support, and definitely without role models to show me that recovery was possible. As much as I try to get the word out that survivors are not alone, I also know I’m just a guy with a website. There is so much more that survivors need that I can’t provide. That’s why it’s great that there are groups being formed, trying to reach out to any specific group of survivors, especially at a young age, where they have the chance to not waste as many years as I did in unhealthy behavior before they start healing.

If you are, or know, a young survivor, you may want to consider getting them in touch with NoLo and help to build that network of young adult survivors!

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