Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I wrote this about the day over on my tech site:

“As most of you know from reading my sites, I very closely identify myself with my Irish heritage. I’ve spent a lot of time studying Irish history, as well as the history of Irish-Americans. I have a great respect for the people of Ireland and all that they, and the early immigrants to America, have had to overcome. Yet with all the sadness, tragedy and hardships they’ve had to endure, you’ll find no group of people who enjoy everything life has to offer any more than the Irish. Take today to follow their example and enjoy all the good things in your life!”

I’m sure you can recognize why I identfy so much with the suffering and pain of the Irish, as well as the ability to overcome it all and enjoy life. There’s a lot to be respected in that, and a lot to be learned, especially for those of us learning to overcome childhood abuse.

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