Gee and I was doing so well

I was doing so well, making new entries almost every day, and then the weekend hit, and , well, not so much. 🙂

I guess I just see weekends as “my” time. That may mean updating a site, or working on a tech project, but it may also mean just spending time, getting caught up with Angela after a long week. This weekend was a little of both, as we spent a good part of the weekend enjoying being together, talking about what’s been going on, appreciating what we have every day after witnessing the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Then it also had it’s tech projects, as I strive to learn more and more that can, hopefully, lead to a new position and even more opportunities for learning.

I think that’s a pretty productive weekend. Enjoying what we have right now, and striving to educate yourself is a pretty good prescription for anyone’s weekend, I would think. Hope your’s was as good!

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