Geeking out

If you read my other blog at all, you pretty much know I’ve been working on a ton of tech things lately. I know this is directly in response to the stress that’s going on at work. Our annual meeting is next week, and we’re having a bigger meeting than we’ve ever done before. Somewhere around 900-1000 people are going to be there. Obviously the entire office is completely stressed and working hard on this meeting, but in response to that, I guess as sort of a way of keeping myself from thinking about it all the time, I’ve found some things that will keep my attention away from it.

Mostly I’m doing this because I’m not in a position to be in control of much of what will happen next week, and I think some of it is going to be a mess. Rather than fret or dwell on the poor, IMHO, decisions that were made, it’s probably best if my mental and emotional energy is tied into other projects, eh?

It’s all part of recognizing what I can and cannot control and taking the proper steps to not waste emotional energy on the things I can’t control. Hmm, maybe I’m actually starting to fiigure some of this stuff out? Nah, probably just lucky. 🙂

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