Out of control

Want to know how little control we have over the circumstances of our lives? Yesterday I was sick, at home, with an internet connection that wasn’t working and, later in the day, a telephone that didn’t work.

And there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about any of it, so there was no real point in getting angry about it either.

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  1. I Think i been abused by my dad verbally, emotionally, and pshyically. He’d punch me and grab my throat and throw me to the floor or ground almost all the time. They(my parents) Always told me i wasn’t getting abused and they told me to not tell anyone EVER what goes on in the house. I never understood. That’s why i said i think i been abused because of the so called “brain washing” method they tried to do. I’ve always felt it was my fault. I am now 16 turning 17 next week this october.

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