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  1. anna
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    i was sexually and emotionally and physically abused by my dad. it started when i was 5 or 6 and i am turning 17 this july, right now i am tring to put my father in prison, but it is not work. i just want all the pain to go away and all the tears to stop falling. my biggest and only fear is that he wont get put in prison and he will do this to some other child and i wont be able to help that child and then they will have to go through all the bullshit and wont ever have a good normal life. how can i help and how can i make it all go away forever?????

  2. courtney
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    i heard this site was very good. and i hope it can help me

  3. Anonymous
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    im sexual abused by my dad every day im 16 he
    fist put it all the way in when i was 5 i want to die..

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