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I got an email yesterday and with Dyana’s permission I’m reproducing it here for all my readers to see and respond to, if they so choose! You can respond directly to Dyana at (Take out the nospam part, I’m trying to limit the number of email harvesters who pick up the address from this post.)

Dear Mike,

I came across your Child Abuse Survivor web site while doing research and wanted to contact you.

My name is Dyana Smolen. I’m a writer compiling a book for survivors of abuse entitled “I Am the Butterfly.”
It’s a compilation of personal stories, poetry, and artistic and photographic imagery designed to inspire positive change. The personal stories in the book are told by people who have found a way to not only lift themselves out of their dark beginnings but also to thrive in the world.

In this regard, I would like to extend an invitation to you and to those who participate in your site to share your stories, art work and/or poetry. The stories, by the way, are presented anonymously with only a first name used as a title.

The book is separated into three sections – darkness, realization and transformation – with the intention of drawing a parallel between healing from abuse and the transcendent process of the butterfly.

Please feel free to ask any questions. In the meantime, thanks for your consideration.

Wishing all the best,


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