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I saw mention of this month’s Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

and this month’s host’s words about it:

We all know that abuse thrives on secrecy; the purpose of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is to speak openly about the prevalence of such abuse, and its devastating aftermath.

I find this to be very true, but incomplete. 

Certainly, there needs to be as much attention drawn to the victims of abuse and the effects of the abuse as we are able to and I absolutely applaud the effort. But the other thing I want this blog, and the community of survivors, to speak openly about is the fact that there is life after the abuse. We are all survivors, we are all in different stages of our healing, but we are healing. We are living lives with all of the ups and downs, struggles and joy, as everyone else.

Being a survivor is a challenge, and healing from childhood abuse is a struggle, don’t let anyone kid you about that. What it’s not, is a death sentence. There is hope, there is joy, and there is life. It may be a long, rough tunnel, and the light at the end of it may seem dim now but it is there. Survivors need to know that, and they should hear it from us.


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  1. I understand all of those people that go through any kind of violence, because like them i had to go trhough some things at a young age too. I really feel like there are survivors that can make it in life, no matter what situation they were in. Very cool way of expressing youeself. I am aslo doing a post on child abuse, so if you might want to stop by and check it out you are more than welcome to. you can go to http://domesticviolencetoday-kenia.blogspot.com/, and see if you like!!

  2. I HAVE to believe this…that’s why I have a dot com site and blog named Survivors Can THRIVE. It’s up there on the masthead and it gives me a reminder every day. Thanks for letting us use this wonderful, hopeful post for THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE! Yay! 🙂

  3. You have expressed exactly why I write about my own incest experiences on my blog. I don’t write to do an “old poor me in my pitty pot” type of articles. I write to give others who may still think they are trapped in the abuse hope and to let them know they can get out. Have a glorious day. Thanks for writing your articles of hope and courage.

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