Bold move

One of the survivor sites I try and follow when I have the time is Disproportionately Disillusioned. Yesterday, she official gave notice that she will not be updating that site, but will be merging the anonoymous site with her other, public site. As she says:

This will be my final post on Disproportionately Disillusioned. In the past weeks I have struggled with coming to grips with this decison, my lack of posting is because of the indecisiveness and also because I haven’t the stamina nor thoughts to keep up with two journals and I have in the end decided I am not going to hide these issues any longer – my past is what makes me who I am, it is all a very real part of me and to hide my thoughts away is like hiding a piece of me.

If you care to follow with me – I would be happy to have you do so. I have made some wonderful acquaintances via this site and I intend to move the links to my other online journal. I’m no longer afraid to let you know who I am… I am Illusive Life.

I applaud her. It takes a brave soul to be willing to be known, publicly, as a survivor. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone probably should do it, but it certainly strengthens what we’re trying to do when people are willing.

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  1. Bless you Mike…
    what can I say? All of you have been and continue to be such an inspiration to me.

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