Child Safety Online

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Over at the Friends in tech blog, George was kind enough to create a parent education flier, pointing out some of the various resources where parents can learn more about keeping kids safe on-line. There’s a nice downloadable PDF, suitable for printing and sharing with parents or other groups working to help kids learn to use this vast resource we call the Internet, safely.

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  1. George Starcher
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    Cool! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  2. Marj (aka Thriver)
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    Thanks for sharing the info, Mike. I’m all for sound advice for keeping kids safe. I participated in a KidPower program with my son last year, and I was appauled at the stats on on-line predators out there. My son doesn’t go online without my direct supervision, but there will be a time when he does. I’ll be checking out those sites!

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