I hadn’t been on-line much this weekend, so when I saw there were 9 comments, 7 new, on that last post I thought for sure I had gotten hit by a comment spammer. Much to my surprise, though, that was not the case, there was a whole little conversation taking place in the comments and some really good ideas and thoughts were flowing, all without my even being around. I am truly awed by the community that has started to pop up around this, and others, blogs. Thank you for contributing to it!

BTW, last month was the first month in the history of this site that the traffic levels were higher than my tech site. Now, to be fair, there are far more people reading that site in RSS readers than this one, and they don’t show up in the page views or anything, so it’s not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but it does show me how much this site is growing, and it also shows me that folks are coming here, reading through the back posts and leaving comments at a much higher rate than ever before. That makes me very happy!

Now if I could just find time to make more of my own contributions in order to justify the increaed attention! 😉

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  1. If you mention an old entry in your recent posts and give a trackback link the old entries will not just sit back archived. I also tracback so that I can personally remember my older entries and go back to read them. I can’t remember half of what I’ve written in my own blog so sometimes the trackback link is for me.

    There have been times when a person left a comment on an old entry that ended up helping with a current problem. I’ve found new comments on old entries to be helpful many times.

    About your stats…you might notice that there are certain days of the week that you’re lucky to get 15 readers and then other days that seem to explode. For me, Thurs seems to be a busy day and Monday seems to be busy but it’s slim pickens Tues, Wed and Sat.


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