New Features Added to Community Site

I just posted a note over on the Survivor’s Network about ome new features I’ve added there, but wanted to share it here as well in the hopes that folks will check it out and start getting involved over there a bit more!

I’ve been testing a few new things in the hopes of getting folks to check in and get involved in the new site. One, a Twitter integration called Tweetstream, that lets you both share your twitter status updates on this site, and update twitter when you post something new here. You can enable it by going to your profile, edit profile then clicking the “Settings” link. You’ll see a new Tweetstream link from that window and just follow along the instructions.

You can also now post video or photos embedded into a status update or forum post by simply copying the URL where it’s located, and the embed plugin will do the rest, provided that the URL is from any of these sites:

* YouTube
* Vimeo
* DailyMotion
* Flickr
* Hulu
* Viddler
* Qik
* Revision3
* Photobucket
* Scribd

Hope you enjoy!

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