Quick Life Update

With everything being brand new it’s been a little tough to develop any routine, let alone one that includes posting to the blog on a regular basis. After one week at the new job, I’m just starting to develop a bit of a routine there, but outside of work, life is really a work in progress.

In fact, I’d say that “work in progress” is a great description of my day-to-day life right now. Work is still overwhelming, but it’s getting there. I still feel clueless much of the time, but I have been able to tackle some tasks on my own, and contribute toward getting through the team’s workload, so I feel good about that. Plus, I’m learning a whole bunch of new Litigation Support tools, which is always fun.

I’ve just started searching for a furnished apartment to live in temporarily. The extended-stay hotel is ok for a short time, but I feel like a closet and a couch would be awesome additions. Hopefully something will work out on that front in the next couple of weeks.

As far as living in Greenville, I am enjoying that. As with any Southern town, the people are friendly, the weather’s been fantastic, and there’s plenty to explore in the area to keep me busy. Plus, I do think my camera is going to love it here, as evidenced by the photos I took while exploring downtown on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Falls of the Reedy RiverPin

Yes, there is a waterfall in the center of downtown, and it’s surrounded by quite a lovely park area, which is also a community WiFi zone, how cool is that?

Falls with Liberty BridgePin

So, while it’s still a struggle to adjust to all of this new stuff, including living apart from my wife for now, I’m excited about the future here, and looking forward to continuing to settle in.

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  1. Welcome to the South, dude! LOL! If you’re ever in the area (Augusta GA), lemme know – can either do the redneck thing (drink beer, go out to the back pond, and shoot at fish) – or gather for a latte at the local coffee house (okay, I know: it’s a Waffle House, but so what?). No fear; fellow survivor here (okay, thought about a smiley face … but yuck, naw, not on that one.) And yeah; there’s a Starbucks – but IMO Wafflehouse makes a pretty mean cuppa Joe sometimes, LOL!
    (and pssssttt! don’t tell anyone you’re from up North – that’ll make you a “damn Yankee” if you settle in, vs. just a plain “yankee” if you’re visitin’ – and you can always blame that Ohio accent on …. a cold? (naw, that’s boston) … too much time on the farm? Whutever, dude! Have fun – and hope your wife arrives real soon! (need to get those socks done, right, LOL’ing!)

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