Nice to take a break

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After all the stress and random other things we’ve been dealing with over the last few weeks, it was really nice to spend a few days exploring Orlando with my wife, meeting up with some internet friends that we’ve known for years now, and just generally not worrying about all the things we tend to worry about during the course of normal days.

Of course, coming back meant catching up on all the things that were waiting for us at work and around the house, but it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to break out of the normal day to day and do something different. Even if you can’t spend a few days, or a week, traveling, there are plenty of ways to do something different and explore the world around us. It tends to help us keep a healthy perspective when we can get outside of our every day lives and see the larger world that exists outside of that. It helps us connect with other people, as we were able to do down in Orlando, and that is also a healthy thing to do.

So, find something different to enjoy soon. It’s for your own mental health. 🙂

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