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Sorry I’ve been out of touch, life’s been a bit of a whirlwind thanks to getting sick, and then having a death in my wife’s family. Many things, let alone blogging, have had to be pushed aside due to those circumstances, but I did want to make a note.

Normally this time of year I talk a bit about what charitable donations I am going to make for year. Normally there’s a donation to a child abuse prevention charity, it’s been the local children’s hospital for example, but I think, in light of recent events, my charity donation is going to begin with something different this year.

You see, the death in my wife’s family was her great-grandmother. A woman with many fine traits, a woman my wife has looked up to with the utmost respect, and who has been a source of inspiration to my wife since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, she is also a woman I never knew. For while I’ve known Angela for almost 7 years, and we’ve been married for 5, and I’ve met her great -grandmother many times, she has suffered from Alzheimer’s for all that time. She wasn’t the woman my wife told stories about, our spoke so highly of, she was a shell of that woman, and as the years went on, she became less and less of that woman. Her Alzheimer’s took her away long before her life ended, it deprived all of us from sharing these last years with her, in my case it deprived me of ever getting to know one of my wife’s heroes. That was my loss, I have no doubt. From what I’ve been told of her, I can see her spirit living in my wife, and will continue to do so for many years, I hope, but I never got to see the source of that spirit, even though she was right there physically for all these years. That’s a shame, and it’s something I hope you never have to know.

I’ve known it in my own family, and now I’ve known it in my wife’s family. I’ve watched as my own relatives became distant shadows of themselves, and I’ve missed out on the opportunity to know a great lady because of Alzheimer’s, I want to try and do something to help make sure others don’t. I believe Angela and I will be making a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association, in memory of her great-grandmother this year.

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  1. im sorry about angelas great grandmother but what an awesome gift to a well deserved organisation, helping people in the future and their friends and family WOW

  2. Hi Mike

    Sorry to hear you are all having a sad time. I hope the New Year brings a better year for you all.

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