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I saw this post over at Neil’s blog, he’s going to be interviewed about life as a male victim of sexual next Weds. on the Darkness to Light radio show. I’ll be working when the show airs live, but I will be sure to give it a listen from the site shortly afterwards. Obviously, I do have some interest in the topic, and it’s not often you see the topic of sexual specifically of males being addressed, so I’m glad for that, if nothing else!

  1. Ernie Meyer
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    It is always hard for anyone, male or female to speak out about the abuse that happens to them in their lives. It takes a lot of nerve for Neil to come forward with his story and I cheer him and support him on every step of the way.

    Fighting this terrible crime starts with people like Neil speaking out. The more people who do, the better chance we have to fight against sexual abuse in any human being of any age, especially children.

    Stay strong and someday, we will unite,

    Ernie Meyer, Author of “The Story of Rita, Risen from Hell” and

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