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Sad News – The loss of a mental health advocate and friend

It’s been some time since I was a guest on her show, and it’d even been a few months since we talked, so it wasn’t until today that I learned about the loss of Tiffany Werhner earlier this week. To say that I was shocked, and saddened, doesn’t even come close to what I’m really feeling today.

I’m reminded of the many people I met through her show. She provided a platform for so many of us to share our stories, all in the name of “ending the stigma on mental health”. I’ll remember the way she and I could enjoy the conversation on the show, but also the times we spent together planning and managing her website, talking about her dreams for the show, or just talking about her family.

Mostly, I’ll remember the smile when she started up each show.

Her family is, obviously, dealing with a lot right now, including medical and other expenses. Tiffany’s brother in law has setup a fundraiser to help.

Please reach out this weekend to the people you care about and let them know they are not alone. It’s how she would want us to honor her work.

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