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It’s been a long week. I know I’ve been quiet around here, but besides being just a busy week, I’ve been distracted all week by the birth, and subsequent complications, of our new niece. I’m happy to say that she is progressing, and they anticipate her being able to go home in time for Thanksgiving. Angela was able to get up to Akron Children’s hospital on Monday, when she was first transferred there, but today was my first opportunity to travel up there. It was the first opportunity for either of us to hold her though.

Michael with niecePin Angela with niecePin

Angela has some of the touching details on her blog. I’d only add one more. Last year I made a contribution to our own local children’s hospital in Columbus and directed it to their child abuse prevention programs as part of this site. After this experience, I will be giving some serious thought to adding to the contribution and directing some of it to the medical care as well.

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