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The Thing You Enjoy, Can Just be Enjoyed

I shared this post from my photography social media accounts earlier, and I think the message is an important one for our mental health, even if photography isn’t the thing you enjoy.

Your Pictures Don’t Have to Be Good if You Enjoy Taking Them

For me, this is an important reminder. I enjoy photography. I enjoy wandering around with my camera, I enjoy trying to be better at photography just because that keeps me interested, and I enjoy sharing the photos I take with family, friends, and whoever wants to follow me.

Are there other photographers who are better than me? Of course. Will I ever make money from it? Doubtful. Does any of that matter? Of course not.

The important thing about photography for me is that it’s time spent being a little selfish. I’m out there with my camera because it’s fun. Not because it’s going to help me professionally, become a side hustle, or even impress other people. It’s just fun. That’s all it never needs to be.

Now replace the word “pictures” in the link above with whatever you love. Do it not because anyone needs to be impressed or pay you for it, or it’ll advance your career, and make you look good to your peers, but just because it’s fun.

We all need time for fun activities.

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