It’s OK to Just Enjoy Something For Yourself

It’s OK to Just Enjoy Something For Yourself

I came upon this idea later in life than some of you may have. Thanks to an abusive childhood and a fairly demanding church involvement in my teens and twenties, I was about 30 when I finally gave myself the freedom to take on a hobby just because I enjoyed it.

For me, I grew up never feeling good enough or worthy. I needed someone else to tell me it was OK for me to do something, or heaven forbid to spend money on something just because I liked it.


Trust Issues

I was having a conversation recently about relationships with someone who travels as part of their job, like I do. One of the big things that we agreed upon is that being in a relationship with someone who you will wind up spending a lot of time apart from, requires more trust than many people…

A sense of self

I was taking a quick look at the deadline for the latest Carnival Against Child Abuse when I noticed that this month’s host has changed the topic a little bit. She wanted to focus on self-injury and sense of self. It quickly occurred to me that much of what we’ve been discussing about relationships, and…