Brother and Sister Survivor Show How Secrecy Works

The latest episode of the Survivor Stories podcast, featuring Ben Glade and Annaka Vimahi, brought home two important things to know about child abuse: 1. How deep does the secrecy surrounding child abuse run? A brother and sister, 4 years apart, have no idea they were both being abused until they were in their thirties….

Why Not Deal With It Now?

I was interested in a post by Cecil Murphy over on the 1in6 website, and as I was reading it, I was saddened by the first paragraph. Recently, I read an in-progress master’s thesis on male sexual abuse. The writer’s research said that most men don’t deal with their abuse until they’re middle-aged—late 30s to…

Sharing secrets

Marj, from the Survivors Can Thrive blog, left a comment and let me know about a new project she has started called Silence the Shame, which she describes as a secret-sharing space. I think it’s an interesting idea, creating a place for anyone to share their secrets and get support. Check it out for yourself.

If you’re in Boston

I got an email from Lindsay with Zingerplatz Pictures about a screening of Hand Of God a film by Joe Cultrera. In his own words: The film centers on my brother’s abuse by a Catholic priest (Joseph Birmingham) in 1964, back in our hometown of Salem. The film goes on to tell the story of…