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We have been made aware of two general information child abuse websites: Breaktheabusecycle.com was due to launch today but until we know the full site is ready, have a look at the test version and feel free to give him feedback on it using the printed email address. When we know the full site has launched and all intended features have been activated we’ll link to that later. However, it’s great that one site has moved away from the stranger danger angle and focuses squarely on more immediate CSA danger like incest and authority figures.

The other website with a good recap of child abuse information is saveaaron.com . Primarily its goal is to secure the lowest penalty for Aaron Vargas, a victim of 20 years of abuse by someone he is accused of killing when the perpetrator wanted to move in on Vargas’s baby daughter. Setting aside whatever opinion you have regarding his alleged actions (trial begins April 12th) the campaign the rest of the site gives an excellent overview of child abuse information plus artwork and a media history crawl page.

It’s a tough issue to debate considering a paedophile that had been reported by his own wife as well as multiple victims had ┬ánever faced any concrete sanction before his death. It’s a Grace of God situation if the perpetrator that abused you wishes to skip a generation and move on to your children – any parent could see themselves in Vargas’s shoes – had he allowed Vargas to abuse his daughter, he would become an accessory and be in jail whatever happened. We’ll comment more when the trial is finished later in the Spring this year.


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  1. I don’t know all of the facts surrounding the Aaron Vargas case. But, as a male survivor, I empathize with him. I struggle every day with it.

    Advocates say all the time that they don’t believe in ‘vigilante’ justice. And yet far too many times the courts aid and abet child rapists. Victims are commonly intimidated from filing charges. Evidence and testimony is supresed. If convicted, Child rapists too often get a slap on the wrist or plea bargain their way out of prison. And in many states, victims cannot even file charges. The system offers victims no relief. I think these factors shld be considered in his case and I hope for a light sentence for Aaron.

    If we want to prevent ‘vigilante’ justice we are going to start doing a hell of a lot more to prevent the rapists from waling away from the evil they do with impunity.

    Thanks for this post.

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