Observer “Magazine” Modern Blogging Motivation Article

Mike has posted previously about the motivations for blogging about any subject, let alone child abuse, and within the last 10 days the UK Sunday newspaper The Observer published a similar, more recently updated article on the subject with a rather amusing photograph.

The irony was, had you decided to look in the online section for the Observer Magazine on the day, you wouldn’t have been able to read the article that was in the printed magazine of 13th March as it was dumped in the Media section – where you’d normally find the following Monday’s supplement articles. This is the normal policy of the paper’s owners Guardian Newspapers, making you hunt all over its site for the one article. Eventually Google’s rankings put one of the featured blogs in the print article at the top of its searches. So thanks to Seaneen Molloy, author of The Secret Life of A Manic Depressive blog for the recovered link to the article.

Her blog is here, and the original article- with striking picture by Philip Toleando – is here.


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