British Experiment Shows Cost of Pedophile Fears

The experiment was a simple one. Take two small girls and put them, apparently, by themselves in a large shopping area, looking lost and confused, and see who stops to help them.

The results left the experimenters stunned, but I don’t know why they would be. We have absolutely reached a point where showing interest at all in any child that is not directly related to you, especially for men, is an open invitation to being accused of being a pedophile. And despite the NSPCC’s message that we should be thinking of the children, and not our own reputation, it’s not as simple as all that. If I were accused of being a pedophile, it would pretty much be the end of life as I know it. I would no longer have a job, and it would be near impossible to get hired anywhere, even without being found guilty, and if I was found guilty of any crime at all related to that kid, I would face a lifetime of being registered as a sex offender.

Do you really want to run the risk of having your name and face splashed all over the media as an accused child snatcher? Do you think, even if you are found not guilty, that public opinion won’t already be against you? Why do you think the number of male teachers has dropped to almost nothing? Or that other people who work with children as volunteers, or coaches, are only the ones with kids in the program? If I, as a childless male, wanted to coach a youth sports team, do you think anyone would actually let me do that? If they did, I’d face suspicion every single day of my life. I don’t need that.

No thanks. I’ll look for the police, or I’ll just have to hope that someone else, like the elderly lady who wouldn’t have the same accusations thrown at her, will help them. I’m not about to stop and approach those little girls.

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