Link – What Will It Take to Make Depression a Good Cause?

I went on to say that if everyone gave five dollars, I would have met my financial goal. I had high expectations for a women’s group I’m involved in because together we have raised a lot of money for prostate cancer, autism, and other good causes. Even though disclosing my struggle in the way I did made me feel incredibly vulnerable, I thought it was worth it because the group cares about good causes.

No one responded or donated. Not even a, “Thanks for the email … I’ll look at it when I have a minute.”

The truth is that depression isn’t a “good cause,” not to most of the world anyway. If people are sick through their own fault (as most of us think on some level), why should we have to pull out our wallets to save these pathetic people? That’s their problem, not our problem.

It is reality. Even people like the ones she talks about in the post, with close family members dealing with depression, see it as a personal weakness and source of embarrassment. This is what stigma looks like.

What Will It Take to Make Depression a Good Cause?

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