Link – Former Victims Try to Reduce Child Abuse in the Central Valley

“When Alexis Gonzalez tells her story about overcoming child abuse, she’s surprised by how many people it resonates with. At one event after another in the Central Valley, she’s approached by audience members who can relate.

“People would disclose their own abuse and that they had never told anybody,” said Gonzalez, now 21. “People are actually taking something away from these public speaking experiences, and it’s started to become a natural part of my healing process. At first it was something that was part of the process to help myself, but it’s also been inspiring to do this for other people.””

It really is amazing how often I come across people from this site, or in person, who hear my story, and tell me about their own. There are just so many survivors out there, and yet many of them still feel like they are doing this alone.

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